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I don't see my Certificate

If you do not see a certificate link on your course page, than one of three things may be happening:

1. The course is not actually completed

This can be either because not all modules are completed, or a survey/evaluation is required.  If you see a link to Survey or Evaluation, this must be completed prior to a certificate showing.  Simply click on this button, provide a response for each survey question, and click on Done. This will provide a result page to the survey screen with a link to the course page.  Once you return to the course page, the Survey or Evaluation button should have changed to a Print Certificate button.

2. The modules within the course are not all completed.  

Simply check the status indicator of each module to insure it is either full, or a score is showing, indicating the score achieved on the module assessment.  Alternatively, on the training home page, you can hover your mouse cursor over the course status, and it should tell you what still needs to be completed to mark the course complete.

A Status Indicator looks like this:  Incomplete Status

Sometimes, content is restrictive in its nature, and a module without an assessment may require more in-depth interactions before the module will mark complete.  Simply reopen the module content, and make sure you have used all interactions, all quiz questions are answered, and all slides from beginning to end have been visited.

If you are having difficulty completing a specific module, just open a support request, and we will review your activity to let you know what needs to be done to complete the module.

3. The last cause may be that the course does not award a certificate of completion.

Certificate awarding is optional for the organization offering the course, and it may simply be that the particular course that is giving you difficulties does not offer one.

If you course is marked complete with either a score or a completed status indicator on the training home page, and the course page does not have a Print Certificate link, then check with your provider to insure that no certificate was to be awarded.  This can be accomplished by either opening a support item, or make us of the message center to contact the course provider.

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